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This incredible castle is considered one of the most beautiful royal palaces, not only in France but also in Europe. The Palace is situated in the western suburbs of the French capital, about 17.1 kilometres from the centre of Paris. Built initially as a Hunting Lodge by King Louis XIII in the 17th Century. King Louis IV later converted it into a 1300  room residence. It was the residence of French Monarchs. Now it is converted into a museum. The museum is surrounded by lavish French and English gardens. It contains a Royal Chapel, A Royal Opera House, Vast Chambers & Hall of Mirrors.  

The Versailles palace possesses a stunning combination of wonderful paintings, special mirrors, exclusive fabrics and fantastic interiors. The main highlights of the château are the King’s State Bedroom, Queen’s Bedroom, Hall of Mirrors and Chapelle Royale. The main apartments are located on the first floor of the château. The first floor of the Chapelle Royale was reserved for use by the royal family whilst the ground floor by the court. The interior of the Chapelle Royalle is beautifully decorated. Great state occasions used to be held in the Hall of Mirrors, which is a magnificent multi-mirrored room, with a length of about 73m.

Versailles Palace
palace of versailles

On the off chance that you wish to investigate altogether the recorded and building legacy of the Versailles castle, you should go through over multi-day in Versailles. On Saturdays and Sundays, amid the period from April to September, you will have the capacity to see the wellsprings move as indicated by music. An additional is an expense charged to enter the patio nurseries amid this period. The Versailles royal residence is typically exceptionally swarmed on Sundays. Some ten million people visit the Palace of Versailles every year. The tourist discovers a huge field of green, cut, capped at the primaeval beauty, a heavenly sphere. The park covers 800 hectares including 300 hectares of forest and two French gardens. The mansion has a space containing a variety of art objects and precious ornaments, and the famous Hall of Mirrors.

This authentic museum includes vases decorated with gold and diamond antique figures and animals, masters’ paintings, mirrors etc., a true bridge between past and present. Heritage is maintained by the French government with the help and financial support from international organizations and goodwill. Foundation American Friends of Versailles and the construction company Vinci have invested several million euros between 2004 and 2007. The public facility employs 900 people

Versailles Palace

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