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Cologne Cathedral Facts

It took 32 years to build this masterpiece. At first glance, the architecture seems to be completely uniform. This was made possible only because no generation of builders departed from the original masterplan. Everyone who began and continued this building project over centuries was aware that they would never see completion. This fact alone shows that they did not build only for themselves, but inspired by faith, for future generations and for the honour of the god. 

The Cologne Cathedral as we now know it reached its final state in 1880. And even though it was hit by several large bombs during World War II, it has stood here proudly since this time. An “eternal construction site”, as many of the residents of Cologne like to call it, this very long building process, in and of itself, reflects the importance it holds too many of its admirers today.



The awesome western facade and twin towers comprise an area of over 7000 square meters and it stands a towering 157 meters tall. For a short period in the 1880s, it was even the tallest building on earth. And perhaps the most peculiar aspect about the history of this building is that it is not one building at all. It’s a very long, historic succession of buildings.

The church has Crucifix of Gero which is one of the first larger than life-size sculptures of the middle ages. It was donated by Arch Bishop Gero (976 A.D). It is over a thousand years old. It represents Christ in the very moment of his death. 

Every year over six million people from all parts of the world visit this cathedral.  It was recognized as a UNESCO HERITAGE SITE in 1996. It is the tallest twin-spired church in Europe.  It is the seat of the archbishop of Cologne


cologne cathedral germany

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