cologne bridge at night


A 2000 years old city, it is the fourth largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg & Munich. It’s a landmark of high Gothic Architecture. The city is famous for trade fairs like art fair and furniture fair. Famous for Eau de cologne no. 4711. It acts as a junction point for the trade route that connects eastern and western Europe.  The city is famous for trade fairs like The city has a variety of museums. Some prominent museums are the Museum of Applied Art, the Museum Ludwig and the chocolate museum. The city remains a banking centre, as it was in the Middle Ages, and it is the site of one of the world’s oldest commodity and stock exchanges. It has been a centre of the automotive industry—notably engine manufacture—since the late 19th century and is now the headquarters of the European operations of the Ford Motor Company.  Some basic attractions that are must include in every itinerary of cologne are: 

  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Cologne Christmas Market
  • Ludwig Museum
  • 4711 House of Fragrances
  • Cologne city centre