It is the World’s largest spring garden. It is famous for Tulips, which bloom only till 20th May. The garden has 80 acres of complete floral display. The garden acts a live catalogue for customers. It welcomes more than 900,000 visitors every spring. It is located in LISSE (Province: South Holland). Keukenhof is only open for about two months in the spring i.e from the end of March to May. Keukenhof is likewise the second biggest garden of its sort on the planet. This entire space is covered and brilliantly finished with more than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths whose scent fills the air.

While the neatly organised flower enclosures are the main draw of the park, there are also five indoor pavilions, all of them named after the Dutch royalties: the new king Willem-Alexander, old queens (Juliana, Beatrix, Wilhelmina) or the entire royal house of Oranje-Nassau. Inside them, you’ll find even more exhibits, but also restaurants and other facilities. 

The gardens stay open for eight weeks and are usually in full bloom about the middle of April. Also in April, about the 26th, there is an annual flower parade, floats laden with a vast array of colourful blooms, wend their way between Lisse and Haarlem, adding to the enjoyment of visiting the Gardens

Besides the many outdoor beds of colourful blossoms, Keukenhof also has, greenhouses full of delicate orchids, pavilions with azaleas and hydrangeas, a large windmill, sculptures, children’s playground, boat rides. and several flower exhibits. The walking areas are flat and easy to use, the walkways are handicap-accessible and there are several cafes and snack bars to rest and get food and drink. Because of the size of the Gardens, it takes hours to see the entire area, visitors should plan on spending the day, and when possible, stay longer. There are hotels available in the nearby town, allowing for time to this beautiful area of Holland.


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